(Not Your Average Client)

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Our Clients Are NOT Your Average Personal Training Clients… But Then Again, Who Wants To Be Average?


The people that are attracted to working with us toward creating their Dream Transformations are a bit…


For a start, they’re not the kind of people who are willing to ‘do anything’ to get into great shape

They’ve already been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and never been able to keep their results despite all of the control, restriction and ‘rules’ they’ve tried to grit their teeth and willpower their way through and, quite frankly, they’re sick of it all.

Sure, our clients want to look great, feel great and have a ton of confidence around how they show up in the world but they’re NOT willing to let it take over their lives… not anymore.

They’re looking for an approach to transforming themselves that fits their life rather hoping to fit their life around their transformation.

We don’t blame them.

In fact, this is the ONLY approach that makes sense in the long term and so it’s the ONLY approach that we’ll support as their coaches.


They’re not the kind of people who see themselves as athletes, ‘fit people’ or  ‘committed to exercise’

That doesn’t mean that they can’t be or haven’t been fit and strong and even lean in their life but (most of) our clients simply have never identified with these descriptions despite most personal trainers insistence that ‘everyone is an athlete’.

In fact, most of our clients have a pretty negative relationship with sport and exercise and have historically found little pleasure in either.

This has often been made worse by authority figures (like parents and P.E teachers) and well-meaning types (like friends, family, partners and fitness experts) who LOVE exercise and sport who also LOVE to push, prod and pressure those that don’t into doing it.

So, our clients tend to be those who have decided to stop forcing themselves to do the stuff they don’t like (including seeking the toughest workouts and harshest diets) and instead to finding out what they DO like and committing to that instead… no matter WHAT it is.

We think that’s a wise move.

After all, as we tell our clients all the time, “You’ll NEVER create the body you LOVE by doing the things you LOATHE”

We say love it or leave it… and our clients agree.


They’re not the kind of people who blindly follow advice just because an ‘expert’ told them to do something

Our clients are smart people.

They tend to be pretty successful in most other areas of their lives and got that way because they question things, assess them on their own merits and apply what they learn to make sure that their results continually improve over time.

We like that.

We REALLY like that.

In fact, we LOVE working with the kind of person who is interested in actively co-creating the ‘maps’ that will lead them to their Dream Transformation rather than those who passively sit back and ask to be be handed the blueprint.

After all, despite what most people have been told and taught, there really is no one-size-fits-all approach to transformation.

There is no ‘best’ training, nutrition or recovery plan.

Except, of course, the one you stick to.

Our clients become expert in creating maps they stick to.

They’re not the kind of people that are all about the ‘quick-fix’

People who chase the quick-fix tend not to be thinking about the ‘long game’ and so, of course, it’s a game they never win.

Not our clients.

Our clients aren’t solely focused on what happens this week and this month. They have much bigger plans than that.

MUCH bigger!

And because their plans for their Dream Transformation are bigger than the average personal training clients’ so too is their commitment to playing the game for longer. In fact, as long as it takes to win.

And, of course, because of this, they DO win… ALWAYS!

Yep, our clients are different.

They see that the way they’ve been doing things up til now hasn’t been working and so they’ve committed to DOING things differently too… that’s where WE come in!





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