Reduce Pain, Increase Range Of Motion, Amplify Strength… Incredible Results in Seconds! (BodyMAP)

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bodymap_propriostimImagine if you could increase your range of motion, amplify your strength and dramatically reduce your pain… in seconds.

Would that interest you?

Well, after your initial B.S and hype detector calms down, you’d probably find you were quite interested in making that happen, I’m sure but, as they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right?

It’s too easy these days to make huge claims and get people excited but quite another to deliver on them so I thought I’d take a few minutes to show you just how easy it is to get results.

Just follow the instructions in the video, pay attention to your pain, your range of motion, your strength (you could test any and all of these before doing the Propriostim in the video), do the drill and retest and see for yourself just how powerful it is.

Impressive, right?

Look, I’ve no idea how MUCH you improved but I’ve done enough of the BodyMAP work over the years to know that EVERYONE improves pretty impressively compared to the effort to bring about the improvement.

It’s amazing that we put so much work into stretching (which actually creates poorer MAPS, foam rolling (which puts the body on ‘red alert’ the way most do it) and all manner of other ‘stuff’ that takes ages, makes us WORSE and often INCREASES our likelihood of injury when the simple act of touch can be so powerful.

And this is just ONE drill from propriostim which is just one tiny part of BodyMAPping yet you can see that it’s in a completely different realm to what most people would call a ‘warmup’. I challenge you to use propriostim in your next training session and PROVE to yourself just how powerful it is. Double-dogg dare ya! 🙂


P.S – If you’re a fitpro, pain worker, body worker or performance coach then check out the BodyMAP course prospectus at

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